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TIFU by falling for a scam and losing 20 thousand dollers

This happend on Tuesday June 16th 2020
I got a call saying it was Canada service calling and i was a suspect for fraud on a Federal level and i had to press 1 to get directed to a investigations officer or the police would be coming to my house to arrest me for ignoring the call.
Right off the bat the "officer" Henry Clayton badge number 969A24 from the federal police investigations department told me that i was under investigation by the federal government and wanted to know what I've been up too. They stated that i have a warrant for my arrest and that there was 7 allegations against me. Then he preceded to tell me what all the 7 allegations were. "I can't remember what he said the allegations exactly were but it sounded legit" Then he said to me do i accept these allegations as true or deny them. Of course i denied them and said i was innocent. He then asked me to provide him with the number for my local rcmp so he could contact the chief of police and have him send out someone to contact me. So i gave him the number for the local rcmp and he called them on a different line while leaving me on his line. I could hear him say his name and badge number to them and ask for the chief of police then told him the situation and asked him to get into contact with me. Then he told me that the chief will call me in a couple minutes so wait for that.
Sure enough i get a call a not even a minute later and it was the "Chief officer named bill cooper badge number 12762" he told me he received the files and wanted to confirm I was the right person he was talking too. Bill cooper said just about all the same stuff henry clayton had. Then he asked me how there was any possible way someone could have gotten my sin number to be impersonating me. I told i haven't given my sin to anyone and the only think i could think of was maybe from checking my credit score online. He said that my family and friends are under suspect as well because they would be the closest possible ones to get my sin and could have sold it off to someone or been using it themselves. He said not to mention it to them because he will have officer come to question them as well as me and wanted me to wait until then to talk with them about it. Then he says im going to transfer you over to my officer and he will guide you on what to do next.
Boom right away probably not even a minute later i get another call from "Officer Daniel Mills badge # V91D2Q13" He says that he has recieved all the info from henry clayton and bill cooper and will guide me on what to do next. He says that in the documentaion he has recieved they belive that there is a chance i could be innocent but they will have officers come to my house and do a lie dectector test and question me to make sure. Then he said for now what i should do is put my money in a safeguard because they will cancel all my bank accounts and everything that is connected with my sin number and then give me a new one and if im proven innocent and then i can transfer my money back into my accounts from the safeguard.
So "Daniel Mills" tells me i need to head to a bank right away and deposite my money into cash and then says i need to stay on the line at all times because the call is being recorded and wants to make sure im cooperating with the police. I get to the bank and then when i park my car i let him know im there. He tells me i need to follow is very specific instrctions, i need to move all my money into my checking account from my savings and my credit accounts then take all that money out in cash. I was also told i must stay on the line while i go in there. He also said i must not tell the people at the bank the real reason why im taking out this money because they are also a suspect and cannot be trusted they could be the ones who gave out my information. So I go into the bank ask the teller to move all my money including my credit card money into my checking account and take it out as cash. The teller said sure let me go aso my bank manager first and then she will be right back with me. She could obviously tell something was up because i was acting nervous. Then the bank manager comes up to me and asks me if everything is okay and if I was being told or forced to do this. I lied and told him No out of fear. Fear that he could be the one who gave out my information and fear of getting in trouble from rejecting a direct order from the officer who is still on the line. The bank teller says ok and give me my money in cash.
Then when i get back in the car i let him know i have the money. He then tells me i need to secure the money into a BiT machine and the government will refund me in the next 24/48 hours after the police come and interigate me and put me on a lie detector test to prove that im innocent. At this point i start getting very suspisious and question everything. What a fool i was to question it directly to him instead of just hanging up and thinking for a second.
He put on the pressure HARD everything i asked he would counter with agression and threats of detaining me right now for not complying with an officer of the law. I felt forced and was fearful of my own safety i have no intentions of being detained for something i didnt do. So finally i agree to go "secure my money in the BiT machine". He tells me the directions to the nearest one and to go there without hanging up the line.
I go there then he tells me he has some very specific instructions once again on what i should do. I need to go in the store and head right to the machine. Then the machine will aso for your number, out it in. Then the machine will send you a verifcation code to your texts. Put that in. Then scan the QR code i have sent you. Then put the cash into the machine and it will go into your safeguard account. And to never get off the line to stay on the line at all times. So i say ok and head in the store. The machine asked for my mobile number so i put it in. then it sent a verifcation code to my number, I open my texts see the verification code and put that in. Then i check my texts see the QR code and put that in. Then the machine says insert the money so i instert the money. All this time i was tricked into think i was putting this money in a safeguard bitcoin account for myself. But in reality i was putting it right into this guys pocket. After it was all done I tell "Daniel mills" the money is in my account. He says ok i can start heading home and the officers will get ahold of me shorty. "Click"
this was the first time in about 4 hours i wasnt on the phone with one of these "officers". I was driving for about 3 minutes thinking wait why havent the officers called me? Every other time it was so fast. Then thats when the realization had kicked in. It felt like a could of smoke over my brain had lifted and I could think clearly again. It had felt like i was brain washed by fear and anxiety into doing this persons bidding. I denied it at first thinking there is no way I talked with a bunch of officers i got their badge numbers and everything ill just wait until i get home and maybe they will call then. Nope, so i call back the number that i had been talking to this whole process and of course no answer. Then I do what I should have done from the very begining, I call the police myself. I knew I had been scammed.
TL;DR Got so full of fear and anxiety I allowed myself to get scammed into giving someone 19700$ through bitcoin.
Always trust your closest family and friends and seek advice from them no matter how bad you think the situation is.
I have the reciept from the account i put my money into and was able to trace that to the account my money got transferd too.
This is the address to the account that my money was transfered too. Looks like there is a good amount of other people who lost there money to this scam also
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